10.1 burn from finder - scsi??

Apple have not got any SCSI CD-R* support for OS X.*

Im a little PO'd about this small hickup, when i got my g4 mac i went out and brought a scsi card and a scsi burner at a considerable price difference to the IDE burners on the market. It worked fine under os9.x

But since march I have been unable to use the burner on my mac, i suffering withdrawals from TOAST.

10.1 found the scsi card (adaptec 2906) with out me doing anything, but toast wont find the burner. I read up on the problem and in the Toast 5 P2 Readme is says there is no kernel level support for scsi burners.

Thinking I may have to sell the burner and buy a firewire one, but then if apple turn around and start to suppose scsi with a update then i will be stooged again.. If only they told us what was happening.