10.1 Burns CDs fine -- but what a buffer!


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I just burned my first non-Toast non-built-in-CDRW disc (I have an external Que! drive) using OS X 10.1's "burn" feature right from the Finder!! I simply dragged and dropped my encoded mp3s onto the blank disc icon (which cooly states "CDR" on it) and then hit "BURN" (baby, burn!). A few (more than a few actually) minutes later... waala! Presto! No-Toast needed. BUT, it does appear that in reality the OS X is simply FIRST creating a new folder on the hardrive that LOOKS like a CD-R icon so when you throw your files onto the CD icon, at first it is actually "copying" the files to the 'folder'. Only once the CD is burned will the quasi-folder disappear (I hope .... I've looked in the hidden folders to see if the bastards left it behind .... so far so good).
In OS 9.x it had a similar method. It would generate a read/write .img file deep in the system folder (in the preferences folder if I remember right).

Yea, I realized this one day after burning a CD through the finder. I was shocked to accidentally find out my normally 250 MB system folder had grown to ~900 MB. Didnt take me long to track that sucker down and trash it.

In theory its a great way to do things. Just would be nice if the finder would nuke these 'cache-type' files after successful burning.
I don't seem to have the cache problem. Actually, when I got my iBook, my hardrive size was down to 9.4MB, which I though was a real bummer. But now I'm thinking there is another CD-size partition. Hmm... time to repartition my drive.

Yes, if it put everything in the "Cleanup at Startup" (and yes, it does exist, just invisible) folder, then it would automatically delete that old cache file once you restart. Either that, or create a list with pathnames of files to include in the burning. Both are pretty effective....