10.1.dmg terminal question

The Madhatter

for those of use who got the Mac OS X 10.1 Update.dmg file and need to burn the CD, we have been told there is a way to convert the file to a DVD/CD-R master file (one we can mount in Toast) using the Terminal. I was given this command:

hdiutil convert -format UDTO Mac OS X 10.1 Update.dmg -o Mac OS Update.img

This is what I see when I input the command and press enter:

[madhatter:~] micahger% hdiutil convert -format UDTO Mac OS X 10.1 Update.dmg -o Mac OS Update.img
convert <imagename>
-shadow <shadowfile> optional
-align <sector alignment> optional - default is 4 (2K)
-format <image format> required
UDRW UDIF read/write image
UFBI UDIF entire image
UDRO UDIF read/only image
UDCO UDIF compressed image
UDRo UDIF read/only (obsolete format)
UDCo UDIF compressed (obsolete format)
UDTO DVD/CD-R master image
UDxx UDIF stub image
RdWr NDIF read/write image
Rdxx NDIF read/only image
ROCo NDIF compressed image
Rken NDIF compressed (KenCode codec)
DC42 Disk Copy 4.2 image
-o <output name> required
-noext don't add filename extension (.dmg, .img, .toast)
-pmap add partition map optional - default is true
-quiet quiet optional - default is false
-segmentSize <sector count> optional - sectors per segment
-tasks <task count> optional - default is 1
-verbose verbose optional - default is false
[madhatter:~] micahger%

I haven't seen any output file. Is there something wrong with the syntax? How do I know if the command actually worked?

Thanks a lot
I did exactly what you said and I can't get it to work. Could you do me a favor and enter exactly the correct syntax for me to use to convert the image? Thanks a lot.

BTW, i am in 10.0.4
Be sure to put quotes around Mac OS X 10.1 Update.dmg and Mac OS Update.img:

hdiutil convert -format UDTO "Mac OS X 10.1 Update.dmg" -o "Mac OS Update.img"

otherwise Mac OS X 10.1 Update.dmg will appear to the shell as five seperate arguments...
blb, you are awesome. I'm sorry I overlooked something like that, I have very little experience with the Terminal. Now am in business.

Thanks a million