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Well from all my snooping and inquiry I have discovered that the latest build of Puma(5G64) is the release version of 10.1
I have installed it and actually noticed a tish less stutter from finder process to finder process; given the fact that there was merely no stutter with 5G59 this final product is dreamy. I have no quibbles aside from the fact that there is no classic support for Shrinkwrap or my gamepad for gaming, or printer. These will surely begin to make there way to X faster now that the system is so much improved.
I hate to dis Mac in any form but I must admit that everytime I have to temporarily boot into 9.2.1 for Shrinkwrap or gaming I feel so uninspired and just blah!
If anyone has info which disproves my belief of this being the final version please follow up.
Ok, well now when do i get my copy?

About gaming...you mentioned there was no support for gamepads? I was really hoping for gamepad support with this release...I have been playing THPS2 demo with the hopes that gamepad support would be there on 10.1 and then I would buy it (THPS that is)!?

Where can I get that build?
In OS X does apple have sprockets like they did in OS 9 ? This is what most game devs (I think) use for game pads.
Stuff like gamepads are difficult. The fact that apple is writing drivers for certain periferals into the OS is pretty amazing when you think about it. Normally you would just leave it up to the periferal developer to make the drivers. In this case they are trying to gain support for the new OS and don't want people to give up on it because none of their stuff works. Any gamepad that I've ever used in classic I had to install drivers for...

If you bought a no-name gamepad, I hate to say this, but you will probably never be able to use it in OSX. These companies usual make a mac driver on a whim and it's usually not as good as the PC one anyway. My suggestion to you is: Start play Quake3 / Urban Terror so all you need is a mouse and a keyboard ;)
I agree that it is pretty amazing that Apple has support for as many devices as they do with OSX. I can use Image Capture via USB to d/l photos from my Sony DV camera Memory Stick, and this process is quick and sweet! As soon as I insert a burnable CD the finder asks if I want to prepare the CD for burning; all this via a Yamaha 16/10/40 Firwire CDRW-which the Finder accurately recognizes. In system profiler it recognizes the Macally iShock gamepad but still does not function due to no drivers. Its all coming around.
I don't know if you have checked recently or not, but the MacAlly drivers are somewhat new for iShock.

iShock Installer v2.0.5 (Updated on Aug 27, 2001)

They do not say they support OSX, but the do not say they do not. Also, some manufactures may require 10.1 for their drivers, and since it has not been released, they aren't offering them yet. Just a guess.
yeah, I got the updated driver hoping that it would be for X also but alas... no dice. I feel most developers felt like we do, the first release of OSX was inferior to Classic except in appearance and memory management so they opted to focus on Wintel or just slowing their development of X till this useable release(over a year after the initial taste).

WHEW!!!!! What a run-on sentence eh!
Gotta disagree with you there. OSX is way more usable than OS9. OS9 crashes all the time and is totally counter productive. I havn't used it since February this year [except for final cut pro]. OSX is a perfect environment for me to work in. Sure, the finder is slow...but I could care less. I use the command line for file management anyway.

I can write code and develop and do all the things I need to do in OSX. I left OS9 for dead a long time ago.
When I am at my home computer, I use exclusively OSX. I use Quark, Photoshop, and Illustrator all in Classic mode without many problems. Only when I am starting Classic do I have problems (like the menus not showing up in Photoshop). I have more bugs and crashes in Project Builder than when I am working in Classic, and I expect that 10.1 will be even better. I am still only at 10.0.4.

This week at home, the only time I booted into OS9 is so that I could run Norton and SpeedDisk... the first time I have done so since installing about 3 months ago.

When I am at work, however, I do use OS9 just because there are a few things that do not work well there. Once 10.1 comes out with its improved networking, I might work in OSX all the time there. The only reason why I would not is because we only have two workstations that support OSX, and we all share the computers.
I'm surprised that some of you have already abandoned OS 9 for OS X. I can't stand the speed in OS X, it really is as slow as molasses, and I even have a G4! Weird, but I'll bet OS X 10.1 will solve this problem for me, as well as bringing many of the other great features from OS 9 into OS X.

Here's to hoping OS X 10.1 debuts at Seybold, is downloadable, and/or I can get it at my local Fry's Electronics store....... but I'm not holding my breath :) (not for the last 2 things anyway :p ).
I really don't find speed a real issue, Sure it could use a boost, but I have dedicated my computer to it since it's offical release...Rarely do I ever use OS9. Sometimes OSX slows down, but its not syrup or whatever...it's Aqua!

As for the Gamepad, I have a Gravis..Gamepad. Is this likely to work in the near future?
Just wanted to chime back in that this 10.1 is absolutely wonderful! It feels as solid as a Mack truck, I am going to see how long I can keep my computer up before i notice quirks which would suggest the necessity to restart.
Then again I will probably by the upgrade for the additional CDs and end up installing from the retail version but who knows?... :)
I'm giddy with joy over 10.1
Does anyone know if the iSub is supported in 10.1 final? I bought one from Apple shortly after installing X on my machine, only to find out it would not work in OS X. At that time, there was no mention in the Apple online store that it wouldn't work in OS X.

Best regards,

Mike Connick
i think it may be!

as for 10.0.4 - slow
10.1 GM - fast!! :)
Im currently gettin it upped to my server! :p
iSub really does not work in 10.0.4? That's odd, considering I have Soundsticks and they work perfectly in 10.0.4 (sometimes better than in 9!) The only diff I know of between iSub and SoundSticks is that Soundsticks comes with external stereo speakers (which use standard RCA plugs—yay potential for better speakers) and iSub supposedly only works on iMacs. In fact, one thing about 10.1 I am really interested in is the supposeed improved audio output controls. My dream: to have the soundsticks and the Cube's speakers, and even maybe other speakers through the iVoice sound out all going at once. Oh yeah. also, I would like to have the iVoice and the SoundSticks plugged in at the same time yet still have the soundsticks working....but that's a whole other issue, I guess.
I bought the iSub and speaker sticks with my new graphite iMac in early march and the iSub and speaker sticks have worked in OS X on my system since March 24th. I'm not sure why yours isn't working. ???
I should have added that I have a 733 MHz G4 (non-Quicksilver) with the iSub and Apple Pro Speakers rather than the iSub/Sticks combination you can buy. The iSub is currently sold separately at the Apple online store for $59.

While this combination works correctly under OS 9.x, it does not work when you boot in 10.0.4 (or 5G48 for that matter) and this is noted in the Apple knowledge base article with the ID 106238. All the article says is that Apple is aware of the problem and may fix it in a future release.

Anyway, was hoping they'd get it working so I wouldn't need to put it on ebay as I never boot into 9.x anymore (and haven't for at least a month).

If anyone has tried 5G59 or 5G64 and has gotten their iSub to work, please let me know.

OS X uses something called the Apple HID Manager. Don't worry, your gamepads will work fine but as most things are- the developer needs to provide drivers for them. I've been waiting for drivers for my Macally iShock since OS X first came out and *was* disappointed that Apple decided to stop using Input Sprockets *but* with 10.1 the I/O kit has been greatly improved and lots of drivers for various devices should be released within a few short weeks of 10.1's release. I'm certain there'll be some drivers for things such as gamepads along with those other drivers soon to be released. :)