10.1 Finder bug, and others


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Here's an interesting one:

Control-clicking (or right-clicking for you two-button mousers) on icons in the Finder gives useful options for the selected items. But this doesn't work in List view, only in Icon or Column view. It's not that the options don't show up, exactly. I'm sure they would, but the selection goes away as soon as you control-click, so you get the options for the enclosing folder instead! Looks like a fix for 10.1.1...

This would be a good thread to post other obvious bugs. Have you discovered a bug in 10.1 yet? Be the first to tell the world!
Actually, after testing, there is a bug, but not as exactly as you described...

I have no problem right (or control) clicking on a item in list view and getting the full context menu appear. But, if I click on an item in list view, and then control click on it, it deselects the item I had selected. That's why you are getting the contextual menu for the folder, because the item has become deselected. That's the bug.... And you're right, it does seem to only happen in list view...
If I remember correctly then OSX is different to the conventional way of selecting in the MacOS. I think (I haven't installed 10.1 yet) that you use control to multiple select items as you do in windows. shift selects all the items continuously in 10.0.4 just as in windows. Maybe Apple has a slight gender switch problem here. ;)
I don't get my X.1 cd's until at least a another week probably. What options are in the right-click contextual menu on the desktop? I'm hoping more then "help" and "new folder".