10.1 for download


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Next week is most likely the general time frame, but does anyone know what <b>day</B> the upgrade is likely to be released?

John Melby

Originally posted by AlanCE
. . . but if apple makes it so we can hoof it down to a dealer and can get it there for free, nobody should have anything to complain about.
. . . unless somebody lives 150 miles away from the nearest Apple store!:(


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it better be a Download

Im on T1!

by the way i live exactly 150 miles away from the dallas, TX apple store

but my dad will get the cd in the mail no matter what, considering he's an apple reseller and authorized repairer
guess what we just got to repair today: an all-in-one beige Macintosh G3

Tiiiight! :) (problem: monitor is going bad :()


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my dept had one of those....

have I mentioned how much I hate all-in-one computers ? :p

I got g59 today but its sitting on my work computer till I pull it out tomorrow. Was too tired to do it today :p

look forward to testing it :D



All is good for you folks over in the states...but over here in Japan there ain't no Apple stores to run to:(

Lets hope there will be a download too...anything else would be too much of a hassle for most people not in the US


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im just speaking of the looks of the all-in-one beige g3

it was pretty cool-for its age :)

i do have 59 now, tested and stuff. Lotsa members on my server have downloaded it and are using it now. I love it how the members get to downloading once i get new stuff. Now I'm just waiting on 5G64 GM to be upped there :p