10.1, how to trash using right click?


Ever since I upgraded to 10.1 I've been experiencing a minor, but annoying problem where I can't (within a finder window) delete an item by right-clicking on the file or folder, then choosing "move to trash". That option is no longer there. I can do that with objects on the desktop, but not within finder windows. I doubt it matters, but I've got a kensington optical mouse in a box.

Anyone else notice this?
I think if you don't have write access to the file/folder, the option doesn't appear. I've been right clicking and trashing all sorts of stuff.

I was just playing around some more (I don't think it's permission problems because I'm in my home directory structure when I'm trying to delete) and I noticed something very odd. When I left click on a file, it highlights as normal. If I right click on the file, it deselects it and the right click defaults to the right click inside a folder, which pops up the "Help, New Folder, Show Info" menu. I haven't got the slightest idea why that's happening.
What it's doing is right-clicking for the container folder, not the file you selected. As to why? I don't know. Maybe your mouse right-clicks funny? What kind of mouse/trackball are you using?