10.1 "many networks" support


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Okay, so I upgraded to 10.1 thrilled that I could, without third party utilities, access my Windows and Linux SAMBA boxes. I also was happy that I'd be able to access legacy Appletalk shares (i.e. Win NT 4). However, when I clicked "Go" and chose to connect to a network share, I was greeted with the disappointingly empty screen with no servers listed.

Apple's help for connecting to SMB shares was not very detailed, merely providing a link to a website and instructing me to search for NSL. I did and was quite surprised at the level of complexity required just to be able to see servers al la "Chooser" or "Network Neighboorhood" style. I have no intention of setting up the network infrastructure to support listing services available just so OSX can see them.

Now, I know to access a windows box I need to type "smb://workgroupname;user@fullyqualified.domain.name/share" to get into a windows/SAMBA box (i.e. smb://corp1;albert@users1.corp.com/users). However, when I click "add to favorites" this is not added, and this requires proper DNS settings for all windows/samba boxes. And I've yet to find out how to connect to legacy Appletalk boxes.

Why can't apple just have OSX participate in NetBIOS computer browsing and also whatever legacy Appletalk used? From a user standpoint, this is a real hinderance to useing OSX in place of 9 in a workplace.

Does anyone know an easy way to get a list of machines nearby, both SAMBA and Appletalk? Does anyone know how to access legacy Appletalk machines?