10.1 - No luck in North Jersey


Well, a group of anxious Mac users crowded the parking lot of the Springfield, NJ, CompUSA. (One guy even had a "GETAMAC" license plate.) We all stood around inside for 30-40 minutes, eagerly clutching our "Up-to-Date" coupons, while the red-shirts milled about trying to determine if they got a shipment of the upgrade. While we stood around, a few of us chuckled about the always-present big blue ladder crowding the Apple section.

Finally, Andrew Stewart, the sales manager, gave us the bad news. NOPE. They had 12 boxes of the full retail version, but no "free" version.

Then began the Route 22 convoy of Mac users. Circuit City? NOPE. The Wiz? NOPE. On over to Route 10, then. East Hanover CompUSA? NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Looks like the story is the same down in Edison.

When I called the CompUSA national call center ("Would you like to reserve a copy of Windows XP?" ), I found out that their computers don't have the free upgrade listed in inventory because it is a giveaway item. The only way to find out if a particular CompUSA has the upgrade is to call your local store's service department.

Did you Princeton area or Manhattanite Mac users have any better luck?

Part of me is mad, I suppose (Class action suit, anyone?).
But the other part of me says, "Well , it is only an operating system upgrade. Maybe I'll just suck it up and pay my 20 bucks."

One saving grace, though, is that I found out North Jersey Mac users are quite friendly (even when frustrated).
Funny, I got mine this afternoon (~1pm) at the CompUSA in East Hanover. They had a dozen and a half copies there. Maybe they came in (or the manager found them) after you tried?
No problems in princeton CompUSA, I went at about 4:00 PM and they knew what I wanted when they saw the proof of purchase coupons, no problems at all.
Thank you, Robert,

I've got my name on a waiting list in Springfield.

But just in case, I suppose I'll make the trek down to Princeton for church and swing by CompUSA right after. At least there's a really good all-you-can eat Asian place in the same plaza. I hope CompUSA has some copies left tomorrow at 11.

You know, Gryffin, I bet there's a good chance East Hanover had them all along and just didn't know what they had.


got my copy in Parsippany NJ (CompUSA) with no fuss. They had about ten left when I was there around 2pm...

KC Is WAY out too. At least near where I live. MicroCenter sold out this morning, CompUSA didn't ever get theirs, and the two Circuit Cities don't have them either-the one on Metcalf won't honor the upgrade (I don't know why), and the other doesn't have any, even though it is in Olathe. Well, good luck finding it if you can get it..
Originally posted by eizzumdm
At least there's a really good all-you-can eat Asian place in the same plaza.

Star East Buffet

Guess where I had dinner right after I got 10.1 (about 2 hours ago?)

WOW, small world after all. I am a regular in that place.
Since nothing was on TV, I jetted once again back up Route 10 to the East Hanover CompUSA--SUCCESS! They still had copies of the free upgrade as of 8:46 PM.

Unless there was a stream of Mac users in the 15 minutes before closing, those who line up at the door at 11 AM Sunday morning should still be in luck.

What a day!

In retrospect, though, I feel bad for the "red-shirts." They had to put up with grief from us all day to distribute a product from which they derived little to no profit (even as a "loss-leader.")

Oh well, time to "unleash the full potential of [my] new Macintosh with Mac OS X, the super-modern operating system that delivers the power of UNIX with the legendary simplicity and elegance of the Macintosh." Oy.
I got my copy in princeton at about 345 pm today. I just asked if they had any more copies left and they did. got it in about two minutes. the bad thing though is i bought a copy from apple for 20 bucks so now ill have to copies. haha. I guess thats the price you pay for getting it as fast as your can.