10.1 On Legacy Macs


Frantic Messenger of Hope
Has anyone had any experience with 10.1 on legacy macs? I heard that it wouldn't run on these machines ... I have an 8600 that I would LOVE to upgrade to 10.1 (after I get a larger HD) without having to get a G3 or G4 in there first. I ran 10.0.4 with mixed results, but wound up taking it off. Any thoughts?
I wouldn't - simple as that
g3 is the absolute least and at that it's rough.
all sorts of compatability issues could pop up the machines of today are radically different. I'm just being honest it really isn't the best idea.
Okay, it can be done, with mac ox X at least not sure about X.1 tho.
have a look for something called Unsupported X.

I am going to get a copy of a modified OS X cd that will allow X installs on unsupported machines....
If you are going to use your 8600 for 10.1 you should at least pick up a G3 or G4 card. My 8500 runs 10.4 great. The only serious limitations at this point are that you need to disable sleep and at this point you can't use a video card. If you want to learn more about using X with pre beige macs check out this web page. http://eshop.macsales.com/OSXCenter/
I installed it on my beige 233 g3 and it rocks, I installed pre 10.1 and it was so slow, I switched back, but now it runs at least as fast as 9.21, so I think it would be worth a try if you have lots of ram and a fast upgrde card
I have a PowerTower Pro 604e/225/1MB/640MB RAM (Stock TEAC CDROM, Internal Jaz, External Bernoulli 150, 2-2GB & 1-4GB internal SCSI HDs, OrangeMicro USB/Firewire card, 1 IXMicro 128 TT connected to 15" monitor, 1 IXMicro 128 3D connected to 17"
monitor) with 10.1 installed. With 10.0.4 installed the machine was not acceptable for day to day use. However, with 10.1 installed X will be my main OS. Compared to 9.1 on the same machine some things are a little slower (Max 10%) but most things seem quicker. I think this is due to the advanced features of X (multithreading, memory management, multitasking).

Wow, Britney, nice to see someone who has some chutzpah trying 10.1 out ... the only thing that has stopped me thus far is that I need a larger internal or an external HD to make room for the OS and all my apps ... BUT -
How did you do the install? Did you first install 10.0–0.4 then update to 10.1, or were u able to use Unsupported Utility X with the 10.1 disc? I've got a 300 mhz 8600, and I think it'll do OK with 10.1. Any specifics to how you did it would be great!!!!!


Thanks, but what I did was thanks to Ryan Rempel, the creator of UUX. I had orginally installed 10.0 using an early version of UUX. I then installed 10.0.4 using the Software Update program in System Preferences. I picked up the 10.1 update CD from my local CompUSA (yes, I was one of the lucky ones) and booted into 9.1. I ran UUX 2.0b1 (I think that beta 2 is out now) and selected the 10.1 Update CD to reboot into and my X disk/partition as the target. I clicked reboot and it booted the 10.1 update CD. I choose my install options (no other languages) and started the install. About 40 minutes later the computer rebooted directly into 10.1. It worked great!

I have 10.1 installed on a 2GB drive with Appleworks, Quicken, OmniWeb and a variety of other programs installed and I still have over 1GB left on the drive. I am running Classic from my other 2GB drive and will eventually move all of my programs to another drive if I need the space on my boot volume.

Hope this helps!
I think we should all chip in and buy Ryan Rempel a Dual 800 Quicksilver. To that end, everyone send me $100 *evil grin*.

Awesome. As soon as I get a cheap external HD for storage, I'm putting 10.1 on that 8600 - I wonder if it will support the built-in A/V capabilities, as the card that supplies these is essentially the same as the one which wound up in the original beige G3. Anyone with a beige G3 tried using the A/V functions of those RCA ports under 10.1 for input or output?