10.1 release?


Does anyone have an idea when 10.1 will be out? (more specific than "September")

Anyway, I'm new here, this is my first post. Hello people. :)
I JUST asked my dad this question, and he said that it was supposed to come out sometime around September 25th or so. :D Makes me happy cause thats REAL soon! :D
but nobody knows how they're going to get it yet! This may add more of your time for waiting!:(
I was speaking to some reps in my local retail outlet and they said that apple of only confirmed that it will be released at paris expo and they don't know nothing about shipping or prices but they had heard that ppl who purchased mac os after sept 1st get it free on cd...... don't know how well informed they are though.
i personally think anyone who purchased it to begin with should get it free (150/120 [whatever it is] and then ontop of that an extra 20 for an update?!)
Yeah, really...

I was very surprised to initially learn that it probably won't be available for download on Apple's web site.

I really don't like inconsistancy in the way software is "versioned" (if that's a word :) ) ...an upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1 is free... an upgrade from 9.0 to 9.1 is free... but now perhaps it might cost to upgrade from 10.0 to 10.1?

What's next? Numbering software releases by years? :eek:

:D ...lol...
Paris Apple Expo has been cancelled becauce of the things that happened recerntly. It might actually japardise the OS X 10.1 release too in some way.
The cancellation of AppleExpo shouldn't delay the release of 10.1 . Remember, there's still Seybold Expo in SF that could serve as a launch pad. Build 5G62 has been spotted. I'm not sure if it is the GM or not, but if it isn't then the schedule might be a little behind. Still, Apple only needs about 7 days to go from GM to manufacturing, so if the GM is declared this week, it's likely it will start shipping later next week, which would be the end of Sept.
10.1 should be released this month. Think of it. Its a major update and they need something to compete with windows XP. Which is still coming in full force. A delay would be stupid.
For all of you complaining about the $20 S&H cost for the 10.1 update, it is pretty justifiable. There will be at least 2 CDs if not 3 (OS X 10.1 and 9.2.1 CDs, maybe an updated Developer Tools CD). There will also most likely be a manual much like the one included in OS X 10.0's package. As to the update's being downloadable, I have two words, "Yeah, RIGHT!" The update is over 400 MB in size. Apple's servers wouldn't be able to handle that, and that is why it is a non-downloadable update.

The WSJ says, and Apple has confirmed, that you will be able to get the package free from Apple retail stores, and from select Apple Authorized Resellers, although no specific retailers have been named. So those of you who live near an Apple store are DAMNED lucky (waaah, I don't.. just near the Palo Alto one which isn't even opened :( -- maybe I could walk down there and ask the construction guys if they'd give me one? :D ).

The cancellation of Apple Expo probably won't have a bearing on 10.1's release, although it is almost assured that 10.1 will be released this month.

-- simX