10.1 Satisfaction

How pleased are you with the 10.1 update?

  • All I could hope for, less a few reasonable allowances.

  • Some significant misgivings, but still quite happy.

  • Eh- glad for the new features, but where's the speed?

  • I think my machine is slower...


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Angry Member
From hearing the WIDELY mixed reactions as people are installing it, I wanted to get a clearer picture of how many people are having success and are pleased with the update and how many people are slightly less than pleased, just to have a tidy little statistic. I've also never posted a poll before- so ha ha.

I personally haven't even got the thing installed yet, stupid "format drive" option on an update... major oversight. It wasn't that I lost data- I just expected it to work... *shrug*
So far im loving 10.1. Its not without its problems though. Apple still has a few things to work on if they wish to reclaim their title of the easiest OS to use.

1.) Bring back pop up folders. That was the coolest.

2.) Simplify the GUI without getting rid of features. One of the things I hated about Linux and windows is that there were too many things to change in too many places. With older Macs, you really only needed to change those things that were obvious and finding the places to change them were quite intuitive at times . As it is now there are too many places to set GUI customizations. That needs to be offered in one unified place in the System Preferences (could supliment the way we make setting changes currently). When I say GUI I mean: the finder, the Dock, Apple menu, and Menu bar...

3.) Utilize the Apple Menu more. This could be much more like what Microsoft is doing with the Start Menu in XP (not to be confused with older versions of windows). So what if MS copied Apple for years, now its time for Apple to start copying them for a change and that is one thing I'd like to see, a more complex Apple menu ... how they do it im sure could trump anything MS has ever done.

4.) Let me easily set my swap space. Give me more administration tools and put them someplace more centrally located. Also, I like the idea of having Utilities, however, the Utilities folder is a bit much. Some of that stuff needs to be placed as Utilities module in the system preferences. Process viewer should be something that is in the system but accessed possibly in the Apple menu, not as an Application...

Finally, great speed improvements but could get a bit faster... :) but its still pretty fast.

I need to send these suggestions to apple too.