10.1 server freezing


i'm having some trouble running 10.1 server. it has frozen (colored circle keeps spinning endlessly) occasionally when i try to open an app with some others going on...there is no real pattern with this...it occurs at different times and with different apps. any ideas?
Hey Axel.

Here's what I have found when it comes to the spinning color wheel of death. I have noticed that the network services are very smart in Mac OS X and Server. They know when their network settings are wrong and unfortunetly it lets you know by giving you that spinning color wheel of death. To make sure that is what is causing the problem, disconnect all network cable from the server. This will cause Mac OS X Server to automatically shut down all networking services. Then try running your apps and see if you have the same problems or if you get better results. If you get better results, then you know that it is something in your network settings that Mac OS X doesn't like. If it still does give you problems, then it of course is something else. Hope that at least gives you something to go on for now.