10.1 Server


HampCake Studios
Someone knows where I could download 10.1 SERVER?

I've already tried with hotline or carracho, but there's a long queue.

If someone could give me an ftp .... I have a DSL, so I can dl in not much time.

Ok first of all I bought OS 10.0 server and sent in my coupon and it still hasn't arrived so I don't know what to tell you, but please people I understand software is really expensive and all and software companies gouge people but we need to support apple, so if you use Apple products and software please pay for it, if you install it and it doesn't work out ok cool, but if you install it and use it please pay for Apple stuff otherwise NT where it has a crazy liscensing scheme will stay in the spotlight. Also if you need to run a server and can't afford OS X server, OS X client has almost everything you would need, you just have to work a little harder.
You're right!!

I've already bought os 10.1, don't worry.
And all the warez I have installed on my mac are legal or freeware ... I work with my mac, so I can't risk.

But I would try 10.1 server version in order to evaluate what OS I've to buy for my office, noting else ;)
Originally posted by 3mors
And all the warez I have installed on my mac are legal or freeware ...

The term <b><i>warez</i></b> specifically refers to software that IS NOT freeware AND obtained illegally.

So you either have no warez, or you are using the term "freeware" much too loosely :D

"Free as in free beer, <i>not</i>
Free as in free speech."
Strange, I've always used the term WAREZ as a reduce of SOFTWARE ... someone uses WINDOZ as Windows, and not to indicate an illegal version of Windows ...

However, I expected that someone would underline this fact ...