10.1 Short Review: Joe User Version


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Hi All,

Well, I have the privilage of reviewing release 5G64, which shows up as 10.1 in my "About This Mac" menu. Many reviews have been posted around the net, but I wanted to give my 2 cents. Until the last 10 minutes, I have not been privilaged to see any of the builds or development beyond 10.0.4.

I found it hard to use 10.0.4 for many reasons, and never used it as my primary OS. I felt bad, running this forum and all, but thus is life. Can't expect to drive a car down the road when its transmission isn't at 100%. :)

Yes, the OS is MUCH faster, although those saying 500% faster, might be pushing it but lets just say, it responds in 95% of the areas in a speed that is what you'd come to expect from OS 9. Windows zip and zip, and drag very smoothly. Scrolling still is edgy, even in IE.

One KEY thing I noticed, that many of you will have to live with for quite sometime, is CLASSIC runs very well. In fact, in 10.0.4 you KNEW you where in classic mode because of the delayed screen redraws and awkwardness. I am using Outlook Expres (in Classic mode) under 10.1 and you wouldn't know it wasn't native on OS X. Programs like Photoshop... not as smooth as OS 9, but I think after the weirdness wears off, you will get used to it. :)

I recommend this VERY HIGHLY... just finished burning a CD with iTurnes... and mounted a blank CD, copied some stuff over to it and ejected it. Wow, works wonerfully.

As with all things, a few quirks here and there, but I think finally, Apple is playing my tune... and indeed I have no plans to look back from this day forward.

Thanks Apple... Thanks Steve.

Awesome. Any word yet on what the FTP address will be for the downoad? I think it's awesome that you guys are providing bandwidth for it.
First, we don't have the actual 10.1 upgrade yet. Once we get the final version, and VERIFY it is only an upgrade, we will release the FTP site then. Until then... and it could be a few days... you will just have to wait.

In addition, we are being advised NOT to provide 10.1 upgrade online for download... and we will be reviewing the legal aspects of that as well. If anyone at Apple see's this and knows if this is okay or not, please email webmaster@macosx.com or PM me.