10.1 smb slow network copy...


Hey all,

Anyone seen anything like this?

When I mount a share using 10.1s built-in SMB client and copy a file from my old NT file server, I get about 100 - 250 KB/s. If I am to use a Sharity mounted volume I get (normal) around 500 - 700 KB/s. Strange hey..?

I have tried disabling sharity's startup items. No avail, exactly the same results.

Any hints?

same for me too except Sharity is not working in 10.1 is it?
Umm, apple has not speed optimized it at all. i have 10/100 and running in 100mb mode. ftp i get 5.5MB/sec. that would be of the 100mb roughly 50mb or so. 5.5MB. in apples SMB it is only a few hundred k/sec when copying a large 700mb file. also when you try to move that copy window around it jerks like hell, like finder resize does/did. if you try to copy a 10mb file it is smooth when you move the copy window around and the speed more then doubles.