10.1, some questions...


- When I choose "Open..." from an app, the standard X navigation dialog window opens but I found it too small.
It's annoying to resize it manually every time, there is some prefs to set up somewhere to have it open larger?

- I have an italian QZERTY keyboard, don't know if this happens on USA kbs...
When I do option - N to write a "~" (tilde), the char appears but surrounded in a green small square. why?

- How i can change the "localhost" in the shell prompt?

1. you will have to dig around in the various .plists, but I believe it is there.

if you have dev-tools the is a plist editor, and there is prefedit which loads up all of the prefs it can find and lets you browse through things pretty quickly.

there might also be something on that at resexcellence.

2. I can access tilde directly from the keyboard.

However, I am in Japan and the issued keyboard with my G4 was this stupid small JIS keyboard and there were no options at that time.....

Anyway, I run with Japanese enabled for input method, but all my menus are in english.

never seen any green box around anything.

However I can type characters which look like the correct character but have the wrong code. Pressing the option key to get standard characters must be obnoxious

3. A. go to Netinfo manager and duplicate your localhost entry. give that a new name entry.

B. sudo pico /etc/hostconfig
change host -AUTOMATIC-
to your name as above.

C. sudo pico /etc/hosts

add your name to the same line before localhost.

D. probably restart////////
Thank you for the answers.

"never seen any green box around anything."
I found the answer, tilde is a "dead key", when you press it the OS awaits for a second char to overimpress the tilde.
The console print the char but awaits anyway so pressing space solve the problem.
Since the introduction of the indigo iMac, Apple changed the italian keyboard layout.
For the original iMac keyboards, like mine, is option - N