10.1 Soon


For those who dont subscribe to Mac OS X Product News (from apple), the latest issue said the next issue would showcase 10.1. So that means that it WILL still be out soon and there will be no delay.

Mac OS X Product News is a free, biweekly, subscription-based email publication from Apple.

Yup, I saw that too. And by the way, Apple DID say in September, so since it has gone GM, there is no way they can't (and no way they won't) ship it in September, so no matter what, we have at most 10 days to wait! :)

I'm hoping it's released at Seybold on Monday! :)
got that email too...

I thought it was a weekly email. Seems I get one every week. So I was hoping by next week.

I know, I know; 1 week, ten days what's the difference... I guess I was just hoping to have the whole weekend next to play with it.
you probably get the osX one, one week and the regular Apple one the next.

so it seems like every week
I'm guessing they will release it when the new Star Trek series comes out. Imagine coming home with 10.1 on a cd, and watching Star Trek: Enterprise all in the same day!

I'd be off to la la land...