10.1 stand alone?

Of course it can. I got rid of classic all together...which is great except for one thing:
I can't install Myst3 because for some unknown reason they made it dependant on OS9. Why? Nobody knows.
I just told you can install OSX without OS9. Why would it be dependant? They include 9.2.1 for classic programs, that's all. If you don't need classic, don't install it.
I installed 10.1 on my mac and did not install mac os 9 anything. works fine. i did a fresh clean full install, no update.
Wow Dekatophil! That must've been some pretty rough times using 10 when it still was buggy and 'rather' slow :)
I'm using X.I on my iMac as stand-alone since I only use the iMac for internet, on the G4 however, I'm pretty sure I will always keep Classic on it ... There's just so many applications that will need replacing (Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Many, many old games I love to play (Diamonds 3D, Dark Castle I, ...). I don't feel like spending lots of time in replacing all that software ... When of course the day comes that I will have everything in X ... I will change to it ... permanently

There will be a Carbon Dark Castle build. :p All your problems will be solved. OS 9 is futile. Your list of 'old' software will vanish over time. My name is Steve Jobs, and I say now is the time to upgrade (haven't I said that before?), because now the apps are coming for real (like in 'opposite to what I said in January and March'). We shall prevail.

Wow. Sorry for this post. :)
Well, if Dark Castle will be ported to OS X then one of my problems will be solved, but don't forget, my list must be a hundred long! I sometimes forget those games and don't play them for a long while, but I always enjoy an old game. Recently, you could even find me playing Colonization and Civilization 1 (which is waaay better than 2 and CTP if you ask me :)

Anywayz, tx for the info but still, I will resist ...

Ooo oo, I wonder if the Carbon version of Dark Castle will fix the problem that the first color version of Dark Castle had. Namely that in the original you could hold multiple buttons so that you would run to a ladder and climb it immediately, or jump and continue running, but the color version I played made you release the first key. Was this ever fixed or will it be?
Actually, I've been using X on _one_ machine only as stand alone. My G4 has Classic on it too. However, I won't use Classic anymore once Office X is out. As for Photoshop, that's not sth. that I've been using a lot. BTW, I'm currently getting my feet wet with GIMP. A Cocoa port of that app wd definitely be a good idea. If only to get Adobe going...:D
Anyways, X rulexz !
Just a note - you can also install 10.1 with 9.1, contrary to what I'd read in a couple of other threads (this is required for Classic on Unsupported Macs)

I will get rid of it when there is a Yahoo messenger alternative that is better than Fire.

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Of course it can. I got rid of classic all together...which is great except for one thing: