10.1 Terminal vt100 emulation broken


I use terminal a LOT to telnet around my unix boxes, and i'm seeing some issues with the vt100 emulation. namely, and perhaps the most annoying, is that Terminal no longer respects the vt100 escape sequence to go to "wide" mode and back to normal. its the 80/132 column switching.

i used to be able to send a <esc>[?3h and have the screen go to 132 column mode, and a <esc>[?3l and have it go back to 80 column mode.

anyone know how to fix this?
They've taken away the 'generate VT100 codes from keypad' option. Keypad emulation still appears to work if you enable strict VT100 emulation, however.

I didn't know those combinations to send a change of columns - do you know anywhere with a list of them?