10.1 update image type?


Hey all: What kind of disk image is the 10.1 update?

I'm trying to mount the image on a Linux box so I can
burn the contents, not just the image file itself.

Thx in advance....
Whoops, let me explain the circumstances:

The only CD-R drive I have access to is at work, on a (gag)
Win2K box, and yes, no Macs to be found here. I was hoping
to open up this image on my own Linux box, and access (& burn)
the image contents via network shares or NFS.

The only real obstacle is mounting the image under Linux
(or Windows if it can be done).

Any thoughts?? Thx again..
I would believe that the image is a DMG image.
If you can convert that image into a toast image then you can burn it.

I would seriously advise NOT TO mount the disc image because I have dammaged a few disc images by doing that (and often after lengthy downloads :p)