10.1 Update vs. Full Install


Does anybody know the specifics of the differences between the 10.1 update and the full install?

I've got a copy of 10 but it isn't installed on my iMac as I am planning on buying a dual G4 and was waiting for that to come pre-installed. I would like to have the same OS on both systems now that more hardware is supported (ie. printers, tablets, scanners) in both Native and Classic but I don't want to have to install 10 just to upgrade to 10.1. I guess I'm lazy.

Also, if I decide not to upgrade the iMac (it going to be the kids machine) will I be able to upgrade the OS 9 using the updater or will I have to buy the full OS 10.1 installation?



From my experiences :
- the "upgrade" CD upgrades only OSX
- the "complete" CD can upgrade from OS9, but can also upgrades from OSX.

And by the fact, you can also upgrade from a "beta" version of puma without trouble.