How does the 10.1 update rate with you?

  • Great! It's all I ever wanted.

  • Addressed most of my issues.

  • It's not the OS, I need more apps!

  • Still sucks.

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So, SJ announced 10.1...

Looks like almost everything I've seen complained about will be addressed (sorry, no FFM) come September.

I'd be interested in seeing what evryone thinks about the update and if your complaints were addressed. Also, what's next? Check out the added features and let us know.
The built in Samba capability should help in case I ever have to network with sheep - er, Windows users. I really like the resizable columns. Why they didn't include this in the first place is beyond me, but it's finally making the cut. Plus, the speed improvements look fantastic as well.
Yeah. I really like the column resize too. I could never figure out why that (and other things) were not implemented in the original release. Maybe they held back some of these things so they could make us realize what we were missing before they "updated" the OS.....? Makes the update seem much more impressive than just saying, "OK, you can view and burn DVDs now.";)
10.1 is all well and good, but I cannot figure out why they (A. do not make an issue out of the fact that xyz% of the system is now) or (B. actually code the system for) AltiVec!!!

Where is the AltiVec code? Jeez...I mean please, the perfect place for it is in Classic's emulator, no? Maybe, just maybe, they should actually use it in Quartz *OR* the Finder!!!

I mean, vector graphics are the perfect place for it, no? Isn't Quartz Vector?

Maybe i am wrong?! ;(

Originally posted by Jann
Where is the AltiVec code? Jeez...I mean please, the perfect place for it is in Classic's emulator, no? Maybe, just maybe, they should actually use it in Quartz *OR* the Finder!!!
I think there is a little Altivec Code in Quartz.
I don't see where Altivec can be used for classic, though.

Also I don't think we will see that much Altivec-acceleration in OS X, as most computers Apple sells are still G3 (iMac, iBook), so it doesn't really make sense to put Altivec extensivly into the OS at this time...
Hi, does anyone know way Illustrator 10I, dies after trying to start?
By the way, i fund the battery meny line, but were is the button in the system controll?
"Where's my greek?"
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I hope 10.1 addresses THIS problem :D
You could say that Apple would add altivec because the whole line is going G4 soon, but what happens if motorola jumps out of the chip game? they'll take altivec with them.
Altivec was made by apple, as far as I know.
I think motorola sold most of its share of the PPC to apple and IBM.... I am not totaly up to speed on developments on that front
Altivec is owned by motorola, and IBM has a small chunk, but I think they licesnse that from motorola. Any chip experts out there?
My understanding was that Altivec is Motorola's. IBM abandoned a similar effort for some other "type" of Altivec Technology. Apple, IBM and Motorola are a shaky triumverate.

Thought I heard recently Motorola was licensing altivec for use in cell phones and handhelds and maybe the "tablets" we keep hearing about... But that could just be all the booze talking...
10.1 is not out yet.
Most people who have it are either ADC members or they've gotten it from internet leaks
Right now I have 5G48

In the morning-late afternoon, Sunday, I'll have 5G59.. mine, all mine! and to share over my carracho server:D
I just took a look at carracho servers.
What seems to be live and well is the G48 build...and in some places the G49...so many people one those places :p

Damn admiral, you get around, one minute testing the disk copy, next surfin carracho. You are the beta tester! Mabey that can be Steve X's sidekick? Steve X and Beta Tester!
A little bit ago i too heard a rumor about the new 10.1 using Altivec. "SWEET" i thought, thinking i could finnaly use OS X on my G4 400 again. Then i didnt hear anything more about it. I poked around apple.com, searched and searched through the late night, but the rumor just seemed to be exactly that. If they dont start incorperating Altivec into their system, im ganna start to get seriously PO. If they dont start to put it into ANYTHING, then what the f*** was the point of boasting about Altivec!?