10.10 Mail Server - Missing Incoming Emails


10.10 server
Someone told me that they had emailed me, but when I look in my mail on the client it is not there
If I look at the SMTP log I can see that the message did indeed arrive and was apparently delivered to me
But I cannot see it on the client. Yes I have checked junk and trash, it is not there
Given that I can see it in the SMTP log, how can i trace it to see where it has got to?

Many thanks for any suggestions
When you say 10.10 server are you referring to the application Server from Apple? If so, do you use that to run your own email services? If your services are external, your provider may be helping you ;) by making unexpected judgments.

You did not specify your client. Is it the Apple Mail program? If so, do you have rules set up that might have intercepted the incoming email? Other clients can do this too.

Do you have any spam handlers enabled? Server or client or 3rd party like SpamSeive?

Potentially there is much more going on than you'll see in the SMTP logs.