10.2.5 slower than 10.2.4


I have just updated my iBook 800 Combo Drive model (2 months old) to 10.2.5 and the first thing I noticed was Safari was loading pages much slower than before it used to. Next was mail, and everything else that used to be zippy now needs a little time to crawl as if there is some background processing happening.

Also, I can no longer daisy chain my iPod through my FW HDD enclosure. Which has never happened before. Darn.

Wondering why this is happening? Any leads? Better still, any remedy?

Have done the fsck thingy... still the same results and I am getting a little upset. Especially when the iBook is the latest baby in my "Mac family".


Have you tried fixing permissions after the upgrade?

Most system installs mess up the file permissions ....


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Your speed problems seem to be all network related, so maybe it has nothing to do with the system update at all...

I'd also try and go through solving that problem on its own.

I've got an iBook 800 Combo 12" myself, and cannot say I have any such problems at all. Also: My iPod works both directly on the iBook's FW port and through my external FW harddrive without any problems at all. I'm sure that doesn't directly help you, but it should tell you that it's not kind of a general problem with the system update.


I have a weird problem with a slowdown as well. I've tracked it down to the Finder stealing 60% to 99% of clock cycles in the Process Viewer. When I remove the file "com.apple.finder.plist" and restart the finder, all returns to normal (around 0-1% of processer usage), and the computer re-establishes a virgin com.apple.finder.plist

However, after an hour or two using iPhoto and other programs, the com.apple.finder.plist file had grown from 4K to 16K, and the processor use was back up to 99%!

It is NOT file-by-content indexing (turned off, and it has its own process). I have no idea what is doing this. Once the cycle theft starts, it happens even after restarts with shift-key down after login.


Originally posted by macraptor
I have a weird problem with a slowdown as well. I've tracked it down to the Finder stealing 60% to 99% of clock cycles in the Process Viewer.
I've been running 10.2.5 almost since it came out. I've only rebooted my machine once since then, and otherwise it stays on always.

My Finder is NOT using excessive cycles. Right now it is sitting at 0.00% of the CPU and 1.8% of RAM...

By comparison, Internet Explorer (which currently has 5 windows open) is using 11.4% of the CPU and 5.5% of RAM... (No surprise there... ;) )


You can repair permissions on the ACTIVE startup disk in 10.2.5 - at least it seems you can. Saves booting from a CD or second drive. 10.2.5 runs fine on my old G3 400.


My experience with going from 2.4 to 2.5 is that logging out is slower. But one weird thing happened: In all 3 logins the background image file has apparently been deleted. We were all set back to the default screen, and the files were missing from our shared images folder.


Ohh, and the machine (an iBook with airport card, 256 MB of RAM, 700 Mhz, 30 GB HD) did a kernel panic before the update had finished.


Regarding my mysterious slowdown, with finder stealing all the cycles - the answer was NOT 10.2.5.

I saved a Nikon native format file (.NEF) on the esktop, and had my desktop display preferences set to "Show icon preview" and "Show item info". The finder seemingly went berserk trying to create an icon for, and get info on, these odd files. So it just looped around.

I moved the .NEF file into another folder and all was fine - except that the file disappeared forever from my disc after that!

My apologies for the error. It just happened on the same day I installed 10.2.5 upgrade.


I put 10.2.5 on three machines (G3 400, G4 450, G4 1GIG) and have not noticed any difference in speed one way or the other.

My personal opinion is that, unless there is some legitimate problem, people tend to create these speed illusions in their heads. So many people proclaim noticing speed bumps after these microsopic dot-updates. I think it's wishful thinking in most cases.


It seems that the Finer has not been significantly improved in this release. Which bodes well for this Finder version being largely abandoned and the developers working on a whole new one for 10.3 - one can only hope.

Me and my 3 hard drives seem to feel slightly more abused than usual by the random disk spindown error again that was common in the 10.1 series after my upgrade to 10.2.5 But this evidence is anecdotal at best.

Mail.app seems to be slightly better behaved on a spontaneously self crappifying internet connection. So that much coincides with documentation.


It seemed that things were running a lot faster right after I went to 2.5. Then yesterday, I had to do a restart after installing software for watching TV on the Mac monitor.
Shortly after that, things went to a crawl on almost every app then I crashed. Twice! I had never ever crashed my new iBook (ram maxed out) in months of usage and then twice in 20 minutes.
Just to be safe, I did an uninstall of the software in case it was buggy, but the system was continuing to move in slow motion and it crashed two more times. Once in iTunes, once in IE. After that I (finally) went and repaired permissions, restarted again and it seemed to be perky again.
Just to see if it was the software I had installed, I tried it again and everything seemed to work fine again.
Could have the initial restart thrown the system out of whack with 2.5? I probably should have repaired permissons right way after installing 2.5, but it didn't occur to me even when it was freezing since I hadn't had any problems whatsover with the hardware or any of the upgrades.