10.2.8 Disk Copy Quit Fix!



I understand most folk have moved on from Jaguar, however here's the fix to a particularly vexing problem that's been plaguing many Jaguar hold-outs: "The Application Disk Copy has Unexpectedly Quit..."

This is a particular pain because many of the fixes only work for some systems but not others. No disk will mount, virtual or iPod so it makes downloading possible fixes ridiculous as you need Disk Copy to fix Disk Copy...Here's what worked for my system
Quicksilver 733 (hacked to 800 MHz)
10.2.8. (6R73 build) Combo Update
1.12 GB RAM
Standard Bloat of Software
Firewire and SCSI external drives
Kodak printer doc
Epson Printer

Standard Warning Applies--Proceed at your own risk. Do not attempt this if you're not comfortable using the root and/or administrative login. If you don't know what you're doing or delete the wrong files you could corrupt your operating system and possibly lose all your data.

Having said that, this isn't a terminal hack and requires no knowledge of UNIX.

Before you hack your Network Manager unknown user, dump your plists, change your root profile, chase the magic number, nuke your netinfo database, reverse update, or archive and rebuild, give this a try:

1. Login as root
2. Create a new user profile (name it what you want as it can be deleted
3. Logout of root and login to the newly created profile. Attempt to use Disk Copy. If Disk Copy works normally the conflict is in the users/[username that has the problem] profile. Go to Step 5.
4. If Disk Copy does not work in the newly created profile, you most likely have a permissions issue or conflict that is in the SYSTEM folder. Go to step 8.
5. Logout and login to root again.
6. Open the boot (system) hard drive/users/[username that has the problem] and change the name of "Library" to "LibraryTest". You can also make a backup copy if you want to be extra safe.
7. Logout of root and log into the problem user profile.
8. Attempt to use Disk Copy. If it doesn't work then you have a different problem. Delete the new "Library" folder that was re-created during login and Change "LibraryTest" back to "Library". My apologies but I recommend the following links as they address several other solutions: http://www.macattorney.com/tutorial.html or http://p197.ezboard.com/fmacnightow...ageRange?topicID=197.topic&start=141&stop=160
9. If Disk Copy works as it should then you most likely have a USER LIBRARY conflict. This is good news as this is relatively easy to fix.
10. Rename "LibraryTest" back to "Library".
11. The problem should be in either your "preferences" or "plugins" folder so I recommend moving them (not copying) to the desktop first. Logout and log back in to the problem user profile between each move. Use the rule of halves to quickly narrow down to the culprit (move one half of the available folders/files, then half of the remaining half, then half of the remaining halves etc. until you identify a problem then work on that set of halves until you find the problem).
12. Run Disk Utility, fix permissions, repair drive, and then back-up if possible.

My particular problem was caused by a Virtual PC plugin even though I hadn't made any changes to the program and it had been working fine for over two years.

I hope this works for you. I wasted many frustrating hours on this one.