10.2 Wallstreet install success!!


With the stories of upgrade pains around 10.2 that seem to have popped up here (I count at least 3 as of this writing), I thought I would share a happy story of upgrading an older machine to 10.2...

I have a Wallstreet 250 PowerBook that has a broken screen. Had, actually - I removed it a little over a year ago, and had been using it as a kind of desktop machine with an external monitor with 10.1.5... All was good until the harddrive (original) died. I put a new drive in, and booted from the 10.2 cd (full version), and got the grey apple screen with the spinner, then when it went to display the blue background, the screen switched off, like a power-save mode. I'm guessing that it assumed that being on a powerbook, the only sensible thing to do was display on the onboard display. Not good.

So, I tried booting to 10.1, thinking that I could at least upgrade that. Same thing. 10.0 booted ok, though (I was reminded of how far we've come). From that I was able to upgrade to 10.1, got the needed security updates, installer update (remember that?), and get the machine to 10.1.5 again on the new drive.

So, once again, I tried to do the upgrade to 10.2, and once again, blank screen. Out of a mixture of desperation, inspiration, and just plain stubbornness, I tried the following experiment:

1. While booted in 10.1.5, take a copy of /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist.
2. Make an image of the 10.2 install disc (I used Toast, but Disc Copy should have worked)
3. Mount the image, create the Preferences folder in /Library, and put the copy of the .plist in /Library/preferences in the mounted image.
4. Unmount (eject) the mounted image, and use Toast (Disc copy should have worked too) to burn a new disc.
5. Booted from the modified copy, and what do you know? The windowserver continued to display on the external monitor!!
6. Continue the install/upgrade as normal.

My old broken-down Wallstreet PB is now running 10.2.4, and I couldn't be happier... :)

It occurs to me that now that I have a boot cd that will work with the walstreet in this state, I should be able to install 10.2 directly if the HD should ever fail.

I hope someone finds this useful...
At least you could boot from jaguar CD.
I'm stuck with it. I cannot make my 233 wallstreet to boot from it. Not even gray screen.