10.3.9 And Classic 9.2.2


My primary reason for keeping 9.2.2 Classic open is my address book, (InTouch), which I have used since System 6. It is incompatible with System 10.

I have Classic open under 10 when I boot up, and until I upgraded to 10.3.9, I could open InTouch for information and Close, (not Quit) it and it would stay in the background, easily called forward when I clicked on its icon on my desktop.

Since upgrading, when I close InTouch, 9.2.2 Classic quits and I have to restart Classic whenever I need InTouch. Is there any way that I can make 9.2.2 Classic continue to stay in the background when I close InTouch?

just a quick suggestion in sytem pref check classic and then in advanced, check the settings in classic sleep
I did that before I asked the question. Sleep is set to "never," but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Thanks for the suggestion.

Classic is just an emulator, so it's not without its fair share of problems. If you don't find another solution I see you as having two options:
• Restart your computer into Classic if you need to use your Address book
• Copy all of your Address book details into Mac OS X's Address Book application