10.3 Users and Groups Errors


I have two xservers, Server A with OS 10.3 Server running web services and FTP and Server B with 10.4 Server sitting idle. The web and FTP services had been working on Server A until recently. I started getting complaints that my users couldn't access "A" via FTP.

Accessing Server A with Workgroup Manager 2.0.1 from my office G4, users and groups listed for Server A appear to be the ones I created for my users. When I go to the Sharing tab and look at assigned rights to the shared folders, only admin or the root user appear. Trying to reset the permissions using the list of users or groups returns an error message "Unable to save changes, user name (or group) does not exist."

According to Workgroup Manager 10.4 running on Server B logged into server A, the users and groups appear to be those built-in accounts found in System Preferences/User Accounts, not the ones created by me. The server will accept those accounts if I try to make changes.

If I go directly to the server and "Get Info" on the directory, “(unknown)" appears in the group access while root appears as the owner.

The only maintenance I've done so far is run permission repair to no avail. I'm going to boot to a startup disk and run permission repair again to see if that makes a difference.

Anyone have any suggestion :eek: