10.4.2 Folder/filename Typing Problem


I have recently encountered a problem whereby the finder becomes unresponsive to keyboard entry.

I have rebuilt permissions, run MacJanitor all tasks, trashed com.apple.finder.plist, repaired the disk (it didn't need it) and the only solution seems to be to restart the Finder, run an application or Restart.

Regardless of all these tasks it still keeps happening. As I am currently in the midst of renaming thaousands of old files its a real problem.

I notice that the article below deals with the article but has not lead to a solution.


Any ideas?



Crotchety UI Nitpicker
I've had the same problem myself from time to time, going all the way back to OS 10.0. I think it's just a bug in the Finder. For such a vital part of the OS, the Finder seems to get very little attention from Apple. :mad: Renaming is such a pain in the butt compared to OS 9.

My best recommendation is to either do all your renaming in the Get Info window, or use a third-party renaming tool. Without knowing your specific needs I can't say which tool would be right for the job. But you might want to check out a bunch on MacUpdate, and also Apple's included scripts located in "/Library/Scripts/Finder Scripts".

Hope this helps.