10.4.2 is freezing my Mac!


Ever since installing 10.4.2 this afternoon, my Mac stays up for only 5-10 minutes max before freezing. No crash or panic, just a solid frozen mouse on the screen and no keyboard or mouse input. Have to hard reboot with the power button. I tried repairing permissions, didn't help. I left Activity Monitor in the foreground once and waited for it to crash, and when it did, there was nothing amiss - no processes hogging CPU or anything.

Any suggestions? I'm in panic mode here.
i'm guessing not. not many people are paranoid (or rich enough) to back before every little patch. nor should they have to.

we need to find a solution to fix the current system. is there a roll-back 3rd party app? like the amazing system restore on xp?
Lt Major Burns said:
like the amazing system restore on xp?
Gasp! ...amazing you say?! Why, you oughta be flogged for that...there're some serious viruses that take advantage of System Restore; you run anti-virus and clean out your PC. Next time you switch on the viruses are back. I run my PC with Sys Restore turned off.
But I get your point, MacOSX ought to have an integrated tool for rollbacks
maybe running top while working will tell you what's hogging cpu cycles when it goes south (open terminal (in the utilities folder in applications) and type "top" at the prompt - just in case - no offense ;) )
I had exactly the same problem with my screen freezing after updating to 10.4.2. I spent hours searching forums online (hard re-booting every 10-15 minutes after each freeze) for an answer. Last night I think I figured it out... (I haven't had a freeze since then - fingers crossed).

At first I thought it might be the 1gb Ram upgrade that I added to my new 12 inch powerbook 1.5GHz with superdrive that came installed with Tiger 10.4.1. Most forums seem to point to hardware problems as a cause for screen freezes. There was no rhyme or reason to each freeze. It wasn't specific to a particular application, so I was sure it must be a hardware issue.

Meanwhile, one of the many third party "widgets" I had installed during what I call widget-mania to describe the initial excitement with using this new feature had crashed unexpectedly so I decided to use Tiger's new widget manager to delete all third party widgets from lesser known sources. I also swapped the RAM upgrade with the original 256Mb stick and re-booted. No freezes. I worked on it for a while and no problems, I couldn't make it freeze no matter how many applications I switched between or used, opened or quit. So, I returned the 1Gb RAM stick back and I haven't had a freeze since. I will update if the situation changes, but for now I believe the widget is the culprit!