10.4.2 Login


Amazing. I install 10.4.2 and restart. I'm never asked to enter my name/pw on the login page, but after the install/restart suddenly I am. And the system isn't accepting my name/pw. Thank god I have a second HD I can boot to in 10.3.9.

I have one name/pw combination for everything I do. And it's getting me that annoying goddamn head-shake every time I enter it.

What the hell is going on? Don't even tell me I need to do an erase and install...


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You can use the original Tiger DVD. Boot from that and find the section about resetting passwords. It's somewhere under Apple menu. Probably in Disk Utility or its own menu entry...


First check the obvious things like typos and caps etc.

If it still doesnt like it, try using your short name instead of your full user name (the name on your home folder in finder).

If it still doesnt work then boot to your Tiger install disk and under utilities go to reset password - and make sure you select the user with your name NOT Root and type in a new password.

Only bad thing about this is your keychains will probably get screwed up, if that happens try downloading keychain first aid which will resolve most problems with it.


Thanks, I'll try the Tiger disk.

But will this erase whatever user is currently set for that volume? If so, I worry about erasing all data associated with the user, which is to say erase everything on that drive.

Regardless, I'm doing a major backup today...


This will only change the password for that user, nothing to do with the users files etc.
So no need to worry about deleting anything with this method, but backing up is a good idea as soon as you get in there!