10.4 - Mozilla Firefox Always


Hi there,

I guess the subject sums it up. When I'm using firefox, it always unexpectedly quits on me. My computer is about 2 weeks old, and never happened a week ago, but it is now happening 4 or 5 times a day.

The speed of my computer has also recently gone significantly downhill.

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Steve.


Why does my computer get so slow and why does Mozilla crash all the time? I have a 60GB hard drive which is about 50-55GB full. Will this be causing me problems?

Thanks again.



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Well you just answered one of your questions. If your 60GB is 55GB full, then that's what's slowing you down. Your Mac needs free space to breathe, and the less you have the slower you computer will run.

As for Firefox, try updating to the newest version of go into your Home directory (Apple + Shift + H), open Library, Preferences, then look for org.mozilla.firefox.plist and trash that, then give Firefox another go.