10.4 on a new machine?



I have a brand new MacBook Pro and it came with OSX 10.5. Great! But 10.5 does not work with lots of the software I use. Not so great. So I tried to install 10.4 on it, but the machine won’t recognise the disk. I have heard that it can not be installed directly on an older machine in an attempt by apple to get everyone using Leopard but there is a way using another machine and target mode. I attempted this and I get the 'you need to restart your machine' dialogue. Is there a trick to this?



Thunderbirds are GO!
As your MBP originally ships with Leopard I'm not sure that you can downgrade to Tiger ... Where did you get the Tiger disc from? Is it a Full Retail DVD Version of Tiger or a model specific disc that shipped with a specific model.

Also the Full Retail Tiger DVD version may be specifically aimed at upgrading PPC Macs so wouldn't work on your Intel MBP.

Regarding Target Disc Mode, what was the other Mac involved? Did you check that it was a TDM compatible Mac? Has "Open Firmware Password" been enabled on any of these macs?

Did you follow the How to use Firewire Target Disc Mode instructions as per Apple's website?