10.4 Problems With Mail


I'm having some real problems with mail under 10.4.

Messages seem to be disappearing at random times from our Inbox. I can see the .emlx files in the directories and the number of unread messages seems to be right, but no amount of rebuilding or re-importing seems to fix anything.

I've tried to remove various messages but even a clean Inbox will exibit the problems after a while.

Not sure if it's related but we've also seen sorting problems where you click on the From or Subject header and the messages will not reorder correctly.

I've done tons of searches, read mac support pages, etc. but I can't find any solutions to this.


It is a shame that you are having problems. We would help you if we could. However, you have given no specific information at all about your email provider. You have to be a bit more specific than you are now.