10.4 Server: Activating Netboot


After installing a fresh 10.4 Server OS on an X-Serve, I am unable to activate the NetBoot service in the Server Admin App. The Start Service buton is greyed out. I am able to activiate DHCP and NFS, but this still does not allow the NetBoot service to be turned on.

Any ideas?


Hi pkammer,

NetBoot is a funny service - unlike the rest of them, which you can start manually, it automatically "starts" when you have a valid NetBoot set in the /Library/NetBoot/NetBootSP0 folder on the boot drive. Once it sees a valid set, which includes a bunch of files like an .nbi and a .dmg, it will show up as "on" in Server Admin. Then you can dig deeper into the settings and choose the default image, configure the Mac models it can apply to, and more.

Use either the Apple method of creating NetBoot sets or Mike Bombich's awesome NetRestore package to create the set and, if you're doing re-imaging via NetBoot, a master image.