12" iBook Display (LCD) Gone Crazy


I've got an iBook, about 3 years old. It was originally a victim of the motherboard problem that completely zapped the display. Apple fixed that one for free about a year ago.

Now the display starts going crazy after about 5 minutes. First the LCD pixels around letters start changing colors and blinking in and out. After about another minute the display has entire lines of differing colors; red or green or black.

After about another minute the screen is so jumbled as to be useless.

Here's the strange part: if you put the computer to sleep, when you pop it open you'll see the screwed up screen, but it'll immediately clear itself and then you've got the five minutes again.

Another trick I've discovered is to send the screen to screensaver which generates lots of green bars all over. Then, if you firmly squeeze the area just to the left of the glide pad, the screen will clean up. If you hold it and bring back the desktop the screen is fine until you release that area.

What's going on??!!?? I have to say I've pretty disappointed with the quality.
Hi grussgott, it looks like u got some loose ends inside your ibook. By your words I wouls say U got some conductivity problem or that there is bad connection going. You improve conductivity when you press your laptop on a certain zone. Have u tryed to open it and take a look ( since it has 3 years u wont be breaking any apple rules ).
I'm not a tech guy, but I always take a look to make sure it really needs professional help and its not just a bad connection or humidity doing its own thing.
Hope it helps ;)