12" PB Combo Drive doesnt read CDs, reads DVDs and CD-R


I am running 10.3.9 on a 12"PB 867 MHz. Lately, my PB doesnt read CDs. When I insert a disk, it makes a low whirring noise and then spits it out. However, it reads DVDs and CD-Rs without any problem. It doesnt even read system CD's.

I reinstalled the OS (i copied system CDs into CD-Rs and then reinstalled using those disks), still the problem exists.

Must be a firmware issue ? but how do I make my drive function properly.
If you have an external hard drive try reinstalling a new operating system in that and then boot the computer from the external drive. If the problem persist maybe we are talking about a hardware issue.

Actually you can search for a firmware update at apple.com but if you don't have luck I recommend to go to any Apple Service Provider.

I have seen problems like this in other drives for example a SuperDrive that doesn't read DVDs but it woks perfectly with cds and CDRW, and in that cases is a problem on the drive and the drive should be replaced.

good luck.