128k Modem Single Channel Configuration


I got a conceptronic 128k isdn modem which I can use with windows laptop and G4 imac os panther. (even though the shop guys here in Ireland were telling me I couldn't get an external isdn modem to run on both platforms!)

The windows laptop 95%of the time will only grab one channel and drops the other one while connecting.

The imac on the other hand ALWAYS grabs the 2 channels...which I don't want. I can set it to drop one channel when a phonecall comes in, but I can't seem to do this BEFORE hand.

There must be something in the depths of the computer that I don't know about....?

I'd like to use one channel for the phone and one channel for the internet.

The isdn box has my isdn modem plugged into the digital bit, and I have 2 normal phones plugged into the slot for the normal phones. There is one digital slot free.

The conceptronic modem..is a Tiny usb modem...so hopefully the answer to this is generic rather than specific software.

thanks guys, hope this is not too garbled.
I'm in Ireland by the way.


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