15" 1.67 Powerbook Startup Display Blank


i was watching a dvd on powerbook 2 days ago and it suddenly frooze. I had to press powerbutton down for 5 seconds to turn it off.
when i started it up again i could hear the startup chime but the screen stays blank. the dvd still in the drive spins up and everything sounds like its starting normally apart from the blank screen and the fact that it looks like the keyboard isn't responding. the caplocks doesn't light up with pressed.

Try, after it boots up, hit your brightness keys to see if maybe you bumped one of them. If that doesn't work, reset the PRAM by hold down Command+Option+P+R for 3 or 4 chimes.

EDIT: as for getting out your dvd, hold down the mouse button (do this either before or after reset PRAM)
keyboard doesn't seem to be responding. none of the keyboard combos seem to do anything on bootup. dropped it into apple service place and looks like its a logic board issue. not too impressive for a first time apple user when a new laptop dies 4 weeks after buying it :(