15" G4 Powerbook manual eject


Does anyone know where the manual eject is for the 15" G4 Powerbook? I have a DVD stuck in the a combo drive. I know the Titanium models had a manual eject that could be pressed by sliding a paperclip into the drive slot. I haven't found anything like that with my Aluminum powerbook. I'm trying to avoid opening the case.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

You could try the following:
- Shut the PowerBook down.
- While holding the mouse button down, press the power button to start the machine. Keep the mouse button held and the disc should pop out.
I have the same problem. A DVD is stuck in my drive, I've tried the holding-of-mouse-button, the firmware thingy, the F12 button results only in silly sounds when pressed, all in all; the DVD is still stuck... Any helpful hints? (I really wanted to see "Back to the Future II" after the first one, and they have to go back to the shop soon :-D)

Do I have to get some people who know what they are doing, or is there something else I have missed out on? My Powerbook doesn't have the emergency eject hole thing they keep saying should be fiddled with as soon as you de-bend a paperclip, so I'm afraid that's out of the question too...