15" Powerbook, black screen at startup


I've been having this recurring problem, and the other threads don't seem to fit.

My 15" Powerbook with Tiger installed, has regular kernel panics. Sometimes restarting is a breeze...no problems. But often, it takes numerous restart attempts to get the machine to boot. On some restarts I get a black screen, others the kernel panic kinda screen.

The difference is, I can't reset the PRAM, I can't get disks to eject, I can't get into open source, or whatever that is, to check out things...there's nothing.

Eventually it will start up, like nothing was ever wrong, and run beautifully for weeks at a time.

I can't track down the problem to any installs, or hardware. The problem is random.

I wonder if the drive is spinning up entirely since I can't make any of the key functions do anything. And the optical seems to spin up and then quit when it shouldn't. The typical whine of the drive starting is not as long as in a normal startup, and that's how it goes.

WHen I do get it started, I hope to never have to restart....and i personlly have a panic attack if I have to restart.

Any thoughts?


P.S. It's down right now and I'm writing this on a Dell...this crap makes me want to switch.


Sounds like a bad ram module to me since you get such abnormalities. Try replacing the RAM in it and if it boots do a clean install asap then see if reliability improves.


Ugh! This is exactly what's been happening to me! I get the kernel panic thingies and then I have to reboot until it's satisfied and sometimes it freezes and just won't start, but then it will run for a month like nothing's wrong! I don't understand. I have a 12" Powerbook...