17" flat-panel Apple Studio Display ... comments


I'm thinking of getting a 17" flat panel from Apple and was wondering if anyone had any comments...

Does a DVD look OK?
How about OS X?

Yes, good, get one.

Seriously, it's a great display! Till now, I have no dead pixels (allthough that has nothing to do with the display, it is pure luck), the colors are ok....it's great...allthough I prefer my Cinema Display ;)

DVDs look awesome, same goes for OS X. I really like that thing!
I just got one myself, and I am totally in love with it. Color is great. DVDs look terriffic. The extra resolution makes OSX a joy - plenty of room for windows & dock.

I do appear to have one dead pixel. :( But I still wouldn't trade it for a CRT! :D

One quibble - when I use the monitor's built-in USB port with my Logitech mouse, in OSX the mouse sometimes goes into a coma, and has to be unplugged/replugged. Of course, this has nothing to do with its value as a display! :)

One other odd thing; the manual with the display is adamant that you MUST install the software included for optimal performace, but my new G4/867 refused to run either the OS9 or OSX versions (got a dialog saying "This software cannot be run on this computer").

Still, love that display!! :D