2.7 Dual/entourage Nightmare


I am using the G5 2.7 dual with 4GB of ram for composing music for tv etc. No problems there. Running Tiger, all software and Security updates are current, and each time I do these I always Repair Permissions from my Installer DVD, and regularly and manually do cron scripts. So housekeeping is in order.

I am using Entourage Office X and each time I open the app, the Activity Monitor shows 65% CPU!, and the fans swirl into action big time. Surely this is not normal? Opening Mail.app has no such effect.

Is there a way of reducing this huge CPU demand? On my previous G4 933, apart from general fan noise, there was no such demand.

Thanks in anticipation.
Don't worry about the fan noise. Mail and Entourage X are two different apps. There is no expectation that they should have the same impact on your computer. As for the Activity Monitor, which would you rather have, 65% CPU usage or slower performance?