2 Machines Up and Running!


I've got 2 OSXPB machines up and running! Both seem totally stable.

Mac 1) My personal Sawtooth G4 450 w/256MB RAM and 2 20GB Quantum Fireball drives, ATI Rage Pro, 15" DVI Studio Display. This machine had OS9 installed on one drive and OSX installed on the other. Dual-booting from 2 drives is not an issue. This sucker runs like a bat out of hell and I can't wait to see what it's like when debugging is disbaled in the final release version.

Mac 2) An iMac Rev B we have at work - G3 333 w/64MB RAM (yes it will run with less than 128) and a 6GB hard drive. OSX installed on top of OS9. Dual-boot to OS9 System Folder works good with just a few quirks. Speed is impressive considering that it only has half the "required" memory. Dev Tools run OK. Classic runs slow but OK. Multiple appls bog the system a bit but that's expected. All and all impressive.