2 questions. OSX sony spressa/imac cdr laser fail



1. Can i get the Sony spressa to work in osx?

2.my i mac cdr is failing to write because of

Failed to Calibrate the power level for this media...

any way to fix this "without" sending out the computer?

Which Sony Spressa, which iMac? Basically, you should be able to get any FireWire CD-R drive to work - if you have either Toast available or use PatchBurn (in the right version for your OS) to enable it for Apple's apps.
But it's the internal burner that gives the strange message, right? Try Toast (pay) or PatchBurn (free) to enable the spressa.
where is this patchburn???

since i already have a CD burner in this computer will it still work? will i be able to pick what burner i want to?
ok i got the app and opened it and only shows my CD burner in my computer....my spressa is hooked up to the USB port on the side of my imac with the power turned on...how do i make patchburn read my spressa
Guess it doesn't see it. At all. If you put a normal CD-ROM (one with data on it) in the spressa, does it mount in the Finder? Can you access the disk? If not, does Apple System Profiler find the spressa and give some information?