20" Apple Display vs Dell Monitor? Am i blind? paying for a brand?


hi!! guys:

u know i m deciding to buy a cinema display after reading a HDTV wont work as good as a computer monitor. though i was googleing and i found this review about a dell monitor (Dell 2005fpw), is this true? i mean i love mac but wow! it is 500$ more. So, am i stupid to pay $800 for the cinema display when this another monitor is cheaper and is better? i mean it is really better? i love the look of the mac monitor, i m sure is the perfect match to my mac mini n my powerbook, but am i buying just image? i mean i know the quality of mac is great but it seems both look and work great but the price is so different, i mean it is just the price whats different?, where is the trick? help!!

here is the crappy review, please help! i just wanna know if the guy is just jealous of mac because he cant afford one or because i m a blind mac lover...?


Firstly the apple and dell use the same lg phillips tube
They tie in this category 0-0

dell has a 176 degree Viewing angle
Apple has a 170 degree Viewing Angle
Dell wins 1-0

Dell has a 12ms response time
Apple has a 16ms response time
Dell wins * manufacturer response times used 2-0

Dell has 4 usb ports
Apple has x usb ports firewire
Apple Wins 2-1

Dell has 4 inputs, with pip and pbp
Apple .... Nothing
Dell Wins big time 3-1

Dell has PVC casing and is black
Apple has aluminum casing in white
Both look good but Apple wins b/c its true the aluminum casing does transfer heat away better, and totaly closes off the interior from the world
Apple wins 3-2

Dell offers 3 yr warranty
Apple only 1
Dell wins big time again (if their product is so great why dont they back it up with a great warranty )

Advertised Brightness 250 apple, Dell 300, Dell wins in Luminance as shown in the benchmarks of this review
Dell Wins 5-2

Contrast Ratio
Dell 600:1
Apple 250:1
Dell Wins 6-2

Application Analysis
Apple as stated has a "washed out look"
Dell the colors were much brighter
Dell wins 7-2

Price Dell costs alot less then apple
Dell Wins 8-2

Cable Management - Dell has more inputs
Apple has less cables but creates a non-messy look
I think Dell went with a more "standardzied" approach here and deserves credit,
it gives you flexibility to plug what you want.. plus I can hookup 2 computers, my dvd player, and my camera at the same time to my monitor and flip through inputs or PIP and PBP with the click of a button. I dont know if you guys noticed, but dell also offers a 12V supply using an ac/dc adapter or for connectivity in your car using a ciagarette ligher or directly to your battery.

Dell Wins 9-2

Rotation and pivoting - Apple is stuck in a position
Dell lets you bring your monitor up and down, 90 degrees left and right, as well as 45 degrees up and down
The monitor can also be pivoted to a 10:16 RATIO with the supplied drivers
Dell wins by far 10-2

Final Conclusion, no doubt about it the Dell is alot better of a monitor than the Apple which is offered at a higher price with a shorter warranty. I would go for the dell even if it was more. You'd have to be stupid not to read the review and still go with Apple. Just the different inputs make it worthy. And abouty personal style.. its really not a "quantitive" observation which one looks better. To me the apple monitor looks cheap and the dell looks alot better even though the apple has a better aluminum casing, it does not look as good. Again its my personal opinion that the dell looks better and I do not consider it as a part of my review since its not a quantitative observation. I bought the Dell but I compared the two before at the store. The Apple also has a glossy screen on top of the lcd panel which makes you see your reflection at certain angles.. sure the effect looks good but the dell is easier on my eyes since I dont see any glare or reflections. And Firewire would be mostly useless to PC users, since they dont utilize this much unless you have a digital camcorder or something.

Anyways final thought I want to leave with is, do you go for looks of functionality? If your obsessed with "apple" products, dont even read this review, go buy your Apple and don't bother with the Dell. your mind is obviously set because Apple has burnt an image into your head to go with it. It is like Coke vs Pepsi, when you ask peoople why they like it they say its the taste, but really its not, just do a pop quiz. When people think of dell and Apple they like the "image" that Apple is all about quality, creativity, and its rare. For all you other people that perfer functionality or taste over "Looks", the Dell is for you. If your not shallow and see things for what they are worth, not looks but funcionality, the dell is for you! Hope this helps. 10-2 is the final score comparison.


so, is this guy talking shit? please help me!! i dont know much about monitors to know if he s got a point or he just wants people to go dell.
I, about 4 months purchased the Dell 24inch LCD to replace my Apple 20inch LCD. Does it look as cool ascetically? no. Do I still get "woah that monitor is awesome" when people see it? Yes actually.
I like the Dell more than the Apple, and for $899 it sure beats anything Apple has to offer.

Truthfully I didn't read most of your post...So I"m just saying that I love my monitor..no complaints, and I'm happy I didn't spend more on the 23inch apple product or somethign else.
I've read a number of reviews of the 20" cinema and Dell's 20" display. (They use the SAME LCD part, did you know that?)

I just got my Dell 20" in the mail and have it as a dual for my 17" powerbook. It's fantastic. no complaints at all.
save yourself the money, or spend a few $$ more and get the 24" dell...
Restarting and old thread here...

I recently purchased a Dell 22" UltraSharp 2208WFP.

Out of the box, the desktop was blurry as heck. I have what I like to call a G4.5 I have a 1.5Ghz upgrade and 1.5gigs of RAM. It used to be a Dual 500Mhz machine.

I tried various setting changes, and the best option seemed to be the Auto Adjust. Ha! It did the trick....for 15 minutes. After leaving Photoshop, the desktop looked blurry again. I need "perfection" and consistency. I compared the quality and detail of some digital art I made, and it looked better on the Toshiba laptop running Vista. It is no use to me to do digital art on a monitor that is even slightly blurry.

I'd like to know if having an older machine can affect the quality of the picture? I wouldn't think so.

I do not trust Apple Cinema Displays. I went to a few different Apple stores (granted display items are never in top condition) and felt that even the quality and clarity of these monitors were not that much superior to the Dell monitor I just purchased. I am considering returning this item. I spent a a couple hours making adjustments and trying to find solutions.

So I am asking digital artists out there, which monitor do you use? Which monitor, at least 22" in size, provides the sharpest, crispiest (haha), accurate colors with the ability to last more than two years? Does it exist? The Apple Cinema displays really seem to be hit or miss...