2001 MacOSX.com AWARDS!

Matrix Agent

Masochist Mascot
And the awards are as follows:

Most Talkative Member: hmmm... Admiral (where was the suspense?)
Most Bizzare Memeber: Herve Hinekmdflsd.....you know who he is
Most Violent Member: Klink somthing about jack in the boxes just scares me, ok?
Most Silent (or possibly missing) member: VGZ, Admin, ITz The MAN (the father of the largest thread of all time)

Stupidest Member Ever: The guy who put up 20 threads for his warez site

People I Love To Hate Award: All the people with dual-800's and 2 cinema displays. Do you guys rob banks or something?

Biggest Waste of Time Thread: OSX on Intel (If i have to hear about that one more time.....and you know what? they always act like its new news or something...grrrr)

Of course additions are welcome.

What? Of course not. Why the hell would i give out prizes?
How about mac chick of the forum ??? I propose jbartlett (sorry if I slaughtered your login ;) )

--> The "stupidest member" just made me laugh so hard :p Good one ;) ok ok I will shut my yapper now and go to bed :p
If I must stay in character....

How bout a nice friendly NY Bronx cheer.

Stick tongue out, loosen lower lip, and blow.....me.
Admin, I thought you might like the award because of your "less administration is better" motto.

jbartlett can have the mac chick award too since she seems to just about, uh, be the only woman who posts with any regularity.

The Bronx. Really? Did you read the forum about the bronx version of windows? ;)

I actually wouldn't mind having a bronx dialect in OS X, fuhgettaboutit!
Well truthfully Manhattan/Queens. Close enough to use the cheer in this context.

Read that thread, thought it was a spoof on the stereotype of a Brooklyn gangster. I know people that actually speak this way so the impact wasn't so ludicrous to be hilariously funny. It got a smile outa me though.
I think we can afford to name every female in the forum a mac chick. Since Klink sponsored you, does that make you the violent mac chick?;)
I herby name you, Jadey, Cool Mac Chick of the forum for this year ;) (I like your avatar, what can I say ;) )

I have received an award without studying, making a movie of myself, very strange. There is someone who cares about me? Thanks for the award.
Anyone who votes for me as the "best Alex of MacOSX.com" willl recive a free copy of MacOS20.


we have awards here???


i'm wasn't around lately and it's easy to get out of touch!