24 Hours of Macs


Fox's new series, 24 Hours, is full of Macs. The show is about a twenty four hour period in the lives of an anti-terrorist team. The team leader, played by Kiefer Sutherland, has an office with a Ti-Book, a Cube, and a G4. The workfloor shows Apple monitors. Kiefer's wife uses a Ti-Book and his daughter has an iBook.

It's obviously hi-tech, so it's nice to see all those macs. Keep an eye out for it.
Hah. I noticed that too. But did you notice that at the start of the show, the "bad" guy had a IBM Thinkpad? Every other computer in the show was a Mac. What does that tell you
Someone mentioned that a Powerbook had been sneeked (snook(!?)) into the Microwaft Windoze Xpee TV ads... it's true it's true!!

I diligalantly watched several times, it's a guy sitting at a restuarant table with a G3 Powerbook!!

He he!:p
that's like the reverse of the bad guy w/ the IBM thinkpad- a guy in the XP commercial, and since he can't use XP (cause he's got a Mac) he can't fly....think M$ is trying to push anti-mac thoughts in its ads?
as someone else rightly pointed out previously, they all seem to be flying away from their PCs!!! (I wonder where to hmmmm!!);)

(That guy with the Powerbook rightly stayed in his seat though didn't he! Such a nice looking fella, I'd trust him.)
The WB shows are also full of macs. Nice thing is, they don't hide the fact that they are macs!

If you watch the show about the girl who's always embarrased by her parents you'll notice very obviously her tangerine ibook. She's always either IM'ing or e-mailing... To top it off it's also the Mac operating system.

I love when film shows a Mac, and it's running some wierd self running program that never ever existed (See MI:2)
lol Angel has macs but EFC and andromeda dont...it would be quite cool to see MacOS 2135 :p lol...

I saw teh XP adds with madonna's song..they made me sick :mad: What a blatant copy (bad one) of OS X!!!!!
I think its kinda funny how MS is marketing the XP OS. I think that dispite that, people are going to buy it, and then see how much it sucks when a friend comes by with a OS X system... I can see it now:

windose: why'd you bring that POS over?
mac: What? Oh, you mean my mac. I wanted to show you something.
*mac shows all the programs that M$ ripped*
windoze: what? the fact that Apple ripped off M$?
*mac pulls out manual for OS X, (C) BEFORE XP was created*
mac: look though...

etc. etc. etc.

HAHA I have way too much time on my hands
Did no-one of you see that all Terminals in 'Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within' were branded with the Palm logo? :) There you saw the future of all terminals in spaceships and the like. :)