2wire Ethernet Cause Crash/kernel Panic?


Hi - I've got a Titanium Powerbook G4 w/ 512MB/20Gig and 10.3.9 (10.4 should arrive tomorrow).

Recently I've been having these hard freezes where I can't move my mouse or input w/ keyboard (although caps lock still works). I think it might have been associated with one of the 10.3.x updates but I'm not sure. It's definitely a recent problem though.

I fixed permissions, dumped my norton antivirus, cleaned up my hard drive, got rid of startup apps, stopped using my logitech external mouse, updated software on my 2wire router (i was connected by ethernet), took out my expansion RAM module, but still had these random crashes.

Every now and then some text came up on screen that I've now learned indicates a Kernel Panic (that's all I know though). Usually that wasn't shown though. I looked in Logs and couldn't find a panic log. It's possible i just wasn't looking in the right place though.

I just stopped using the ethernet connection, and now am using a G54 Buffalo wireless card, and things seem to be fine. I'm sure as soon as I say that it'll crash again....but so far so good.

Is it possible for an ethernet connection like that to be the cause of the problem?

I'm wondering if the 10.4 upgrade will help - or risk even more...